Who we are

The privately owned International BEZ Group (IBG), based in Bratislava, the Slovak Republic is a transformer power house in central Europe. This holding company combines a significant amount of transformer knowledge and expertise of some of the most respected and renowned European producers and service companies of small, medium and large power transformers in one group.

Companies included in the IBG holding are:

BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY in Bratislava (click here to learn more)

ETD TRANSFORMÁTORY in Pilsen (click here to learn more)

ESB Elektrické stroje in Brno (click here to learn more)

Organizational structure

Executive director

Mr. Juraj Šmatlík

Business Development

Michael Hjemgard

Our history

The holding company International BEZ Group (IBG) has been established in 1995. The company was renamed in 2005 and adopted its current name that reflects the purpose of being the mother company to the three distinguished companies in the field of transformer production and repairs.

First company to join the IBG holding was BEZ TRANSFORMATORY in 1997. History of BEZ, the distribution transformer producer, dates back to the year 1902.

The second company to join IBG was ETD TRANSFORMATORY in 2004. ETD, the power transformer producer, started operation way back in the year 1921.

The largest Czech repair company in its field, ESB Elektricke stroje, became a member of IBG in 2008. ESB started operation in 1952.

Career opportunities

We currently do not have any vacant positions. However, please share your CV with us and we will make sure to carefully consider each applicant.